Safe opening

We provide safe opening services to residential and commercial property owners. If you forget you safe’s combination code, Martyn Nelson Master Locksmith will assist you to access its contents. Secondly we will assist you change the safe’s code for future opening. An individual who requires safe lock installation solutions should quickly get in touch with us. Martyn Nelson Master Locksmith can fix various types of locks on safes. Examples of these locks include electronic and mechanical locks.

Many individuals are increasingly preferring electronic locks. This is because electronic locks are secure. Moreover, the individual does not have to remember his or her safe’s code.

Safe Servicing

If you have an old or damaged safe which requires servicing, seek professional services from Martyn Nelson Master Locksmith. Our technicians will help you restore the safe. Sale servicing has a number of aspects, initially our technicians will disassemble the combination lock completely. Secondly, we will clean and adjust every part of the combination lock.

Our technicians will also lubricate the parts that need lubrication. Fourthly, we will check the locks’ security relocker bolts and adjust them if necessary. Finally, we will check all the locking bolts to ensure there is free movement.

Safe disposal

After acquiring a new safe, you may want to dispose of an old safe. Many individuals do not know how to correctly dispose of their old safe. Martyn Nelson Master Locksmith will come to the rescue and help you dispose of your safe. Our safe disposal services are environmental friendly. Our locksmiths can also dispose of all types and kinds of safes.

If you need quick and reliable safe services in the town, contact Martyn Nelson Master Locksmith. We will address all you safe services needs.

Safe resitting

Safe resitting services are needed in instances whereby the safe is not installed properly. We provide resitting services for all types of safe. Our locksmiths will ensure that the safe is properly installed. Moreover, we will advise you on how to take care of the safe.

Safe delivery and installation services

If you are moving into a new house or premises, an individual may require delivery and installation of a safe. Look no further, Martyn Nelson Master Locksmith will transport your safe irrespective of your location and also install your safe professionally.